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Posted by skiffygrrl at Jan 9, 2012 9:45:23 PM
Re: Meridian Testing Discussion
Confirm with both Virid and Mala pirates that palace shoppe only has "other" and "seasonal".

Verified it's a snapshot of 12/31; I have two shops I compared to on Stormy Fell.

At the instant the new ocean was created, rent was collected from the stalls, for 1 week. It was the correct rent.

On multiple accounts, the minimap for Drogeo won't load, and I'm not the only person with this problem. Several people have bugged this. going on 15-20 over 30 minutes now, this minimap is still "loading".

Checking more things with friends.

Renamed my mala pirate and was instantly logged out and had to log in again.

Portraits not loading on info page, whether pirate, crew, or flag

Waiting for a tourney to start to verify the inter-ocean routes.
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