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Posted by Airion at Jan 9, 2012 7:41:13 PM
Re: Cerulean Testing Discussion
my rumble went up playing against a bot... is this a bug? I thought it had to be PVP to affect your stats...?

If I remember correctly, and I am sure someone will correct me if I don't, the bots at the inn's do rated fights, while the ones you find on the dock, the swabbies on ships, and the ones in the missions you get are NOT rated and won't affect your standing.

Thanks, you just reminded me of an incident this morning.

I created a new pirate on Cerulean and started to work through the missions. I had asked in greeter chat for a whisk to the Cobalt side and, while waiting for a reply, took the initial rumble mission. The fight had just started when somebody sent me an invitation to their shack, so I accepted. The fight ended, I won and my stat went up. Surely if you leave a fight you should lose? I'm sorry for not filing a bug at the time but stuff happened and it slipped my mind.

Just to clarify it was the first rumble mission available, where you're whisked to a ship.
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