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Posted by Clarence11 at Jan 9, 2012 4:00:54 PM
Re: Cerulean Testing Discussion
I've been happily working my way through the missions.
The navigate mission kicked in after I got my broad guns, and my battle brigands kicked in after narrow nav. So that's all good

My battle brigands mission was on the interarch from Tigerleaf to DN. That seems a bit harsh for a first time. I spawned 2 x 7man sloops, : Green Blaggards (brigands) and Yellow Dread Pirates (barbarians).

I may have got an interarch because I was still on the ship I had done the Nav mission from DN to Tigerleaf when I went to the mission board

Managed to take (only ) 3 jobs - 2 on ex-cobalt and 1 on ex-midnight
Thought I might sneak a few more but no bugs there :(

I bought a bid ticket for Leushite at 10poe yesterday. It doesn't appear to be filling. Its currently bidding for 1875 on the equivalent Cobalt island.
Clarence of Malachite and Formerly Crimson /e sobs

Looking for the action

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