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Posted by Wheebiscuit at Jan 8, 2012 7:26:56 PM
Re: Cerulean Testing Discussion
In a short inter-arch pillage last night, some bugs showed up.

- Long -EAST / WEST names that send you a /TELL can't be replied to without typing in the whole name, instead of using the up arrow or the dropdown list list.

- When bugging this, I got engaged by a bot ship, and was pulled out of the /bug entry screen back to a full screen crow's nest screen. I have a nice picture of me with the crow's nest being slightly underwater...

- The ships that engage you on their own in the Boyle - Last Stand Hill Interarch included a Baghlah vs. a 6-person sloop. A bit unbalanced I think. Yes, it looks like a red route on the map.

On the positive side, bid tickets in you booty seem fine. I couldn't find a ship that has a ticked on Cobalt so can't check that on Cerulean. I did see that all my stall / shoppe tickets were gone.

Aarghbird of Cobalt and Cerulean and Aarghbird-east

I want to see that screencap!!!

Screen cap is posted HERE.
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