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Posted by pomfret at Jan 8, 2012 9:22:52 AM
Re: Cerulean Testing Discussion
(1) Ok, so far as testing renames go, just got this message:

"VoG: Message from the OMs: As Cerulean is only a test ocean currently in testing phase, we are not providing crew or pirate renames at this time as it is not necessary to test these and these changes will not be permanent."

It also says that your request for the rename has been declined and "Your Rogue Marks have been returned to Ye." even though no rogue marks were required.

Guess there's no need to test renames.

(2) Some names are too long to display properly on Ye Items tab.

(3) Can't add pirates with -West/East suffixes as managers.

(4) As for bid tickets, it seems my Midnight bid tickets are intact.

(5) Can we have some 2-player tourneys for inter-ocean maps? A number of 4-player tourneys are not being filled.
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