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Posted by Laochra at Jan 7, 2012 11:53:45 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
What is their any point in testing? There is nothing new coming out except a new route. Doubloon players and subscription players really do not have anything to test other than just making sure that their isn't any bugs.

EDIT: Oh, just to say, I logged there now and I can't find any pirate or pillage, so how I'll explore the ocean without a boat and money? that's too sad for the players that doesn't played on Mid or Colbat once.

What is their too explore? Log on Viridian, and buy a whisking potion and travel half the ocean. The new routes are just really hard inter-archs.

As you can clearly see some bugs did arise from the test merge so it would seem like it was indeed a good idea to test it out first. There are a huge amount of little unforeseen things that could have gone wrong and it's nice to make sure things don't go boom-boom.

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