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Posted by Jedra at Jan 6, 2012 6:13:37 PM
Re: On behalf of SmD Royals
1. Why is the bank inaccessible?

Yes, you can't walk right to the door to the bank. So what? There are three considerations with building placement:

1) Getting to buildings
2) Aesthetics
3) Not covering spawns

Acanthaster is a terribly constructed island. Half the island is inaccessible from the other half before any buildings are placed. Given this, the fact that you can't walk door-to-door from any two buildings is a guaranteed. 1) cannot possibly be truly achieved on this island.

The bank in particularly is the LEAST important building for anyone to walk to. All buildings that a greenie or any other player wants to get to are easily reached. The location we placed it a) looks great (2) and b) covers no spawns (3). We are very happy with where the bank is placed and can see no good reason to object to the location.

2. Why is there an IM shoppe when three stalls work fine.

Yes, 3 stalls are working fine now. In case you hadn't heard, there are a few minor changes being made to the ocean soon... namely, an ocean merger with a very large ocean. As has now been explained in two threads, we feel this has a significant effect on the Island's position. Acanthaster will either be at the edge of the ocean - and thus be a frequent stop for people doing flotillas and SMHs beyond the fringes of civilisation - or the first/last stop between the two oceans. In either case we believe there will be a large traffic through the island, and that an IM shop will likely be very useful for making sure people can operate in this area.

We might be wrong. We are prepared to accept that sometime in the not to distant future we may scrap the IM because it is not worth it. However, the luxury of building a shop is that we can scrap it at a later date. If we had built another bizaar or housing on the island, we would be stuck with it. Rather than fix us into something that cannot be changed, we've opted for something we think might be of benefit that can be altered at a later date if necessary.

If you're going to err, make sure your error can be corrected.

3. Why is SMD doing nothing to promote stalls on this island, and if they intend to ever do so, what exactly is the plan?

We are not overbuying on basic commodities, but keeping a decent lower level.

We are not overselling on produced commodities, but keeping a good floor price.

We are not overtaxing stallowners.

What more was it you wanted here?

4. Why is the palace selling stock at such incredibly unfair prices? Do you not care about pillagers? The prices would be fine if you were promoting stalls to sell their stock first, yet you don't do this either.

Incredibly unfair? All prices where competition from stall owners is present are well below average. Rum is about equivalent to ocean average for a palace/fort. Maybe its a little high - we will discuss and review as we're always happy to take comments and constructive criticism from our fellow players - but "incredibly unfair" is clearly an overstatement.

5. Why was the island news not even updated with the changed build plan.

How many different places do you want us to say the same thing?

6. What exactly does SMD do on Acanthaster? I've seen nothing, and this "vital" IM shoppe does not even function.

Hey guess what hasn't happened yet... that ocean merger we mentioned, once or twice, as being a main driver behind the IM.

We are caring for the native endangered penguin population, which is steadily growing due to all the fish we feed them. We are providing a black market to complete the attractions in an archipelego. We're providing a large variety of paints for people with houses. We're keeping stock for pillages/traders up. We're keeping a reasonable floor price on commodities.

Was there something more you wanted?
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