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Posted by xelto at Jan 6, 2012 3:27:50 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
My complaint is that this really looks like 2 oceans side by side. There is nothing to attract pirates from one side to play on the other.

Well, the job you just applied for is over there, see...

Seriously, this is so that you have more people at the parlor tables, so that you can job for more voyages, and so forth. It's not really to spread people around the entire ocean, though I suspect that will happen as time goes on... for a small percentage of the ocean. Just like it is now: I mean, 90+% of Hunter is on Orion archipelago, despite having two other archipelagos with perfectly stocked large islands.
Gurndigarn on Emerald Ocean
"Oh, come on. You jobbed onto a ship called the Cursed Isle Raider and you expected *refined*?"

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