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Posted by seacoug at Jan 6, 2012 3:21:58 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
I checked it out and had similar bugs - missing island etc. I found the Cobalt pirates very helpful in getting to those arches and getting them added on to my known world.

My complaint is that this really looks like 2 oceans side by side. There is nothing to attract pirates from one side to play on the other. Or to bring dormant pirates back, or attract others to play on this ocean. I was hoping (wishing? dreaming?) the two oceans would be more integrated with multiple new inter-arch routes to encourage pirates from each ocean to get to know the other. I'd love to see Jade or Onyx in the middle of Midnight's donut hole. With routes to Jet, Emerald, Diamond and Coral. And the Cobalt arches nearer to other Midnight arches. I think this would encourage pirates from both oceans to sail and trade both oceans.

I hope what we are seeing now, is just the rough draft, to show that the process is possible and iron out most of the kinks. Then I hope OOO takes some time (and player feedback) to find an elegant way to combine the oceans in a format that adds value to multiple game components.


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