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Posted by kenjennings at Jan 5, 2012 3:14:41 PM
Re: On behalf of SmD Royals
1. Why is the bank inaccessible?
Ever put it where he thought best, I'm not really sure if he realized it was positioned in a place where people couldn't get to it on the big map. Sometimes there are lighter water spots on the map that allow you to walk on them. So maybe he thought that, because the water outline is lighter near the bank you could walk across it. People don't normally walk the island unless they're playing hide in seek (which I enjoy a lot). They usually use the mini map. I don't see this as a huge deal myself. It's just as easy to click the mini map and walk right in.
I didn't understand this question until you answered it. Why is this even an issue? I'm not sure if you answered this, but it can still be accessed via the mini-map, yes? With an island as crowded (props, spawns) as Acanthaster, I can empathize with the trickiness in placing buildings. At least it was the bank and not a building with higher traffic (like a bazaar or shoppe), I suppose.
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