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Posted by atoms12123 at Jan 5, 2012 12:28:13 PM
Re: On behalf of SmD Royals
4. Why is the palace selling stock at such incredibly unfair prices? Do you not care about pillagers? The prices would be fine if you were promoting stalls to sell their stock first, yet you don't do this either. I went to the island and they're selling rum at 69, which is kinda high. But, I also went to Zuyua and they're selling rum at 72. Celesta they're selling it at 68. Duat the highest is 67. Fugu is also set at 69. (Insert dirty joke here) So it isn't just them that have high rum prices. Which I think need to be lowered aswell for all islands. That's just too high.

But Zuyua's owners, whom I know very well, and love, cause they are awesome, are also a smaller flag, with less abilities to produce rum.

Also Tango, if you ever want to play Island Hide and Seek, count me in.
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