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Posted by Tangosueno at Jan 4, 2012 9:20:29 PM
Re: On behalf of SmD Royals
The following quotes are from the following thread that many of you know very well.

Ever :
Posts in this thread that contain trolling or bashing someone will be ignored. This thread is NOT about politics, but about choosing 1 building.

So...does that mean you are disregarding the point where Ever posted Lolcats? Or when he/she said a different building, for the reaction? Or perhaps all of Boyk's posts?

Just wondering.

I dont see where he said no LOLcats.

I believe having fun is acceptable.

So you posted a new thread, and added nothing new? Fantastic.

1. Why is the bank inaccessible?

2. Why is there an IM shoppe when three stalls work fine.

3. Why is SMD doing nothing to promote stalls on this island, and if they intend to ever do so, what exactly is the plan?

4. Why is the palace selling stock at such incredibly unfair prices? Do you not care about pillagers? The prices would be fine if you were promoting stalls to sell their stock first, yet you don't do this either.

5. Why was the island news not even updated with the changed build plan.

6. What exactly does SMD do on Acanthaster? I've seen nothing, and this "vital" IM shoppe does not even function.

If you won't be responding, I don't see the point of this thread. Do remind me of how exactly SMD are the "good guys."


If you have any questions you can either send me a PM here or /tell in game. :)

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