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Posted by Mamabuns2 at Jan 4, 2012 8:41:41 PM
On behalf of SmD Royals
The following quotes are from the following thread that many of you know very well.

Ever :
Posts in this thread that contain trolling or bashing someone will be ignored. This thread is NOT about politics, but about choosing 1 building.

Mamabuns :
Yes, we have decided to change the original plans for Acanthaster. This is completely due to the announcement of the merger. Which if you do not know about by now get out from under your rock please. Our original plan was to place the following housing Shacks, Cottages, and a Mansion. Shacks are to make Gila a greenie spawn Arch. We also had planned on placing the following Bazaars : IM, Tailor, and Weavery or Furnisher.

We had decided to place the IM shoppe since there is a chance that we will be connected to Viridian on the Gila Arch. This Shoppe is not a Vanity Shoppe as Emmett insists that it is. It will be dusted and something put in its place if after the merger we see that there is no need for it. As of right now we think there may be a need for the extra CBs.

When we merge with Viridian there are all the housing options.

We made this thread to get Mala involved and all some want to do is Tart at everything that other Mates do, because they have to much time on their hands.

If you have any questions you can either send me a PM here or /tell in game. :)

We as the royals of Sick Man's Dream are not avoiding anyones tarts about Acanathaster as which has been stated by others. It's just that some of us, as adults, have real lives to take care of and they do come before the forum and the fail trolls of Mala.

As I had said earlier if anyone has any questions that are valid please send me a PM or /tell in game so it is not lost to the tarting that will start on this thread. I give it about 3 min before something is posted. :)

Best of luck to everyone with the up coming merger. :D

Edit: I myself will not be responding to tarting and trolling on this thread.

Mamabuns on all Oceans ~ Mala is where my <3 is!!!

Queen of Sick Man's Dream

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