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Posted by marundel at Dec 30, 2011 11:16:47 AM
Re: longest islands held
While true, Ansel held the record for most blockaded island on the ocean for more than a year... pretty respectable for a lousy little outpost :)

Most were pretty crappy blockades and the flag gets very protective now of the island.

No more so than some others on the ocean - The flag holding Viridis is extremely protective... likewise with NPR and Napi Peak. It used to be the case with some other flags as well until their leadership moved on to other games. In the case of Ansel, some of the blockades were less than stellar from the attackers, but that doesn't mean the defender didn't have to jump through the same hoops when the chest was dropped. After getting hit several times in a row, "protective" was more like "paranoid". :)
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