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Posted by Jeted at Dec 23, 2011 8:34:10 PM
The Battle Navigation Competition
Event Outline:

The event idea is simple, set up like a normal Tourney in the inn, You compete in this tourney to ultimatly win the grand prize, the prize happens to be a War Brig.

How to enter:

The gameplay will go like this, you may enter a team into the competition, you must make a list of yourself and your team (people who will be on your ship [can be crewmates,friends ect] however people on your team cannot be jobbed on the spot, they must be an organised group beforehand)
this team can number from you and at least 2 other people, to yourself and 6 others and (Optional) a maximum of 4 Subs (sustitutes) in case some members do not show up.

To enter however, one of the competitiors on your team must own a sloop (the ship you Bnav on) and you must pay an additional sum of 10k (10,000 PoE) to enter.


How to win

To win this you must compete in a round of Battle Navigation with the other competitor you are set to face in the competiton (you will face someone ranking close to your own rank) (eg. GM may face a Master if there are no other GMs entered)
To win you must either grappel the other ship (while taking the least damage) and then winning the fight (the winner goes on to the next round) or sinking the ship (if you are at war with the other crew) or disengaging with the least damage. (the last 2 options follow the same outcome as the first)

* If 2 team captains come from the same crew both will be disqualified (with full refunds) however people from the same crew may compete in other teams as long as they did not start the team.

* Even if you win the fight if you only did a maximum of 20% damage to the other ship while the other did more than 20% the other team will advance in the competition. However if both teams did 20% damage or equal damage the battle winner advances.

* Only the team captain will recieve the WB, even if this person were to say SAIL in the competition they would still gain the ship, not the Bnaver. However if the captain is the Bnaver he will also recieve his entance fee, plus an additional 10k as an extra prize.

* Each team must engage at port to begin the battle (or close to port, to ensure no others intercept the team ship) then report after the battle, the winning teams booty will be checked before restocking to check if cheating occured.

* Each team may only use 50 balls as a maximum in each round. a maximum on rum is not needed.

Additional Prizes

2nd place - Sloop
3rd place - 20k

Team Format

When entering your team please use the following (or a similar format) of who will be in your team:

Team Captain - [name]

Bnaver - [name[
Crew - [name, name, name, name, name, name]
Subs - [name, name, name, name]

In addition to having your name on the captain list you must also fill it into what posistion you will be taking (you cannot have yourself set as a Sub)

If you have any further questions simply post on the thread, if you wish to enter please use the format that has been provided.

Thank you Jeted, on the Sage Ocean.

Time of the event: this event has been postponed until the 5th of January 3pm GT (the time may change depending on the speed of matches.)
Jeted on Sage (Emerald) Ocean

Santaa on the Emerald Ocean, instigator of the 2011 and 2012 Xmas Giveaways.

I didn't start the Xmas in July ones, but im pretty sure Pegasiswolf dedicated them in remembrance of me

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