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Posted by Beserker36 at Dec 20, 2011 6:14:27 PM
Privateers Proudly Presents: A Pleasantly Piratical Phenomenon of Prodigious Proportions -- with Presents!
Well mates, it's that special time of year again! I'm pleased to announce that as per tradition, we at Privateers will be having our annual Holiday War Frigate pillage, complete with all the usual treats - plus a few new surprises!

The 5 W's
Who: You! And all manner of pirates like ye!
What: A festive WF pillage with fun and prizes!
When: Friday, December 23rd - Noon game time
Where: The fine War Frigate "Jolly Elf"
Why: To spread holiday cheer!

The Details
We'll begin jobbing around 11am game time and will continue to load up until we are full or the clock strikes noon. During this initial loading phase, there will be a number of fun things to keep ye occupied whilst we load including several game tables, numerous local tournaments only for those aboard, and the main attraction: our annual Holiday Quiz! (rules below) Once we've left port and are underway, we ask that ye please find a station! I'll have some of my elves running around and seeing who's being naughty (lazing) or nice (stationing)! If yer caught being nice, a small little gift might be in order. ;)

At some point during the pillage, we will spread our Holiday Cheer to the smaller outpost islands by helping defend them from Vikings, so be sure to bring your best gunning gloves! After porting and dividing the booty, the really fun part begins: Present time! (see below for details). Following the distribution of presents, we may decide to have an encore QuizBot round (determined by demand). It won't win you a ticket for the main prize pool, but the poe per right answer will be significantly higher, and we might just have a surprise for the winner!

Quiz Rules
The quiz will begin at the captain's discretion - most likely when we've twenty to thirty jobbers aboard. It is administered through an Oceanmaster-approved "QuizBot" that will pick from a random set of Christmas and Holiday-themed questions. Things tend to get a bit spammy if everyone posts their answers in vessel chat, so we ask that you please send a tell to the Quiz Master (the pirate running QuizBot) rather than shout it to the world. Spelling DOES count, so be sure you've typed your answer correctly before submitting it for best results. If you're incorrect, you can always try again though! Occasionally a question will be repeated. These duplicates do still count towards the overall score, so be sure to pay close attention even if you miss a question!

The first pirate to correctly answer a question will receive a small poe bonus. However, the main attraction of these questions is the running total that QuizBot will keep. The three (3) pirates who answer the most questions overall will each receive a ticket which is valid for one (1) present under the tree at the bow! (To be distributed at the end of the pillage.) Any ties will be broken by a challenge of the captain's choice.

Presents by Performance
Okay, so maybe yer not the next game show hotshot. But that's okay - if yer a good puzzler, we've got a ticket with yer name on it! My elves will be keeping track of all the top stationers at each duty report, and at the end of the pilly tally them up. The leaders for each of the five (5) stations (Sails, Rigs, Carp, Bilge, and Guns) will receive a ticket for a present!

Present Distribution
We've decided to double up from last year and put not five, but ten presents under the tree at the bow of the ship! That means there's twice the chance for you - yes, you - to get yer hands on a nice decorative box! But what's inside, ye ask? Well, I won't tell you everything, but our grand prize is a brand-new Gingerbread sloop! There's also rumors of a second ship somewhere in the mix!

Presents will be selected by ticket-holders in a randomized fashion. After each winner has selected a present, they will be distributed. If yer a ticket-holder, but can't make it to the end of the pillage, that's okay! We'll save the leftover present(s) for you to pick from.

The mathematicians among ye may have noticed that I've only mentioned how to get eight of the total ten tickets. The other two will be given out under special criteria (which will remain a secret until the pillage's end) such that everyone will get a chance to get a present! For the best chance at one, we suggest staying aboard as long as ye can. It'll help, I promise!

And with that, I bid you adieu and Happy Holidays! We at Privateers sincerely hope you'll be able to join us on Friday for this grand event!

See you soon!
~ Captain Santa
(a.k.a. Twam)
~ Thetwam of Sage:
Senior Officer of Privateers
Lord of Black Flag

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