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Posted by Tasjatjuh at Dec 18, 2011 10:23:59 AM
Re: Holiday Party on Kirin, all are invited.
I have an x number of presents to hand away, containing items from crap and old to new and fun to cheap and deluxe ( furniture, clothes and pets etc..)!

I will be hiding them all over the Flag hall for you to find, the pirate's who finds them all and can tell me exactly how many presents there are, within the time that will be given, will get to keep them. They will be split among the winners evenly.

Im hoping to make as many pirates happy as possible with the presents and i hope you will all have some fun finding them.
In case only one pirate will find them all, wich i doubt, i will be giving some extra time. I know it isnt completly fair, but it is christmas and about sharing. Oh and if there are more pirates then presents, i will just add more!

The presents will not be marked so i dont know what is in wich present anymore, its just random.

If you dont know how a flag hall looks, here is how it looks like :

Rule is, you have to be present in the main hall when the search starts and give me notice of your participation. Further rules will be giving at the event.

Tasjatjuh on Cerulean

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