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Posted by Publandlord at Dec 17, 2011 4:33:56 PM
Re: Bipolar's Chanukah Party!
Thanks to everyone who came out today. Sorry it wasn't as exciting as usual! See Bipolar, Donsmythe or Harrjm to collect your prize.

WF Well-Known Carp - Silverstache
WB Cool Clownfish (Wine) - Yaizi
Longship Lucky Pollack - Rephyrx
Frost Sloop Brisk Rudd - Snagglenose
Frost Sloop Clueless Clownfish - Bloolass
Phantom Sloop Lonesome Trout - Bluez
Sloop Light Alewife - Monandoeg
Sloop Proper Bream - Terran
Sloop Sensitive Bass - Swtbrwneyes
Sloop Wonderful Stickleback - Nyancat
Atlantean suit of armor - Krustie
Atlantean Statue - Tzz (And thanks for giving us something to shoot at!)
Crossed Tridents - Teska
Crossed Tridents - Bloodyjessa
Large Display Case - Bnavi
Large Display Case - Mojimbo
Large Display Case - Iamhappy
Exotic Canopy Bed - Locu
Fetish Trestle - Desdamona
Fetish Trestle - Blunts
Fireplace - Culliford (Also thanks!)
Gorgonyx Model - Ceasefire
Harpsichord - Temperance
Harpsichord - Bravemarlon
Necromancer Table - Berclay
Triketos Model - Oceanlord
Triketos Model - Rebeldawg
Triketos Model - Luxanna
Triketos Model - Chetara
Black Dog (unnamed) - Lillyliver
Atlantean/Bronze Kark - Sundaisy
Rabbit (unnamed) - Fernet
Chroma (Atlantean) - Alastriona
Chroma (Indigo) - Zingman
Chroma (Indigo) - Suedarre
Chroma (Sea Green) - Barton
Chroma (Sea Green) - Tommylad
Chroma (Sea Green) - Girlygal
Design Cursed Sloop - Fsck
Fancy Wardrobe - Oddfellow
Anaplian, Shadow Riders, Midnight Ocean

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