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Posted by totoiseshell at Dec 17, 2011 1:48:12 PM
Effective Immediately's Intent for Drogeo
Knock! Knock!
Emmett: Who's there?
Poopydog: EI.
Emmett: EI who?
Poopydog: We're at your front door, No joke!

Actual Theme Song!

Inum's Theme Song :(

Come support Effective Immediately at Drogeo!

When: 5:30 PM game time!
Starting Pay: 1,500 and matching
Sinking: Up to them

Come join the fun tonight!
Castor says, "No, no! You don't know the secret doohickeys!"
Castor says, "You'll blow up the server!"

Galene says, "I'll trade it to Inum, she can sort it out later! :D"

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