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Posted by Gabo9 at Dec 15, 2011 5:02:08 PM
EVENT: Sunday December 18, 2011


As part of our Flag's prize for winning the «Alpha Islands Opening» last November 26:,
Midnight prize options: no island openings on Midnight. We will look at options for 'reclaiming' player-owned islands next year, if the flags are still interested. The event blockade on Midnight will have the following prize options: * a package of 'charm' for an island you own (as always, choice and location of charm must be approved before being placed by an OM - the final decision won't be made within the 48 hour period for prize claims, but as long as the prize has been chosen by then, the discussion can start) - see the Charm Packages section below for your choice of packages, but note that the details may need to change depending on the island you are adorning. * a grandiose flag hall (or an upgade to grandiose if you currently have a smaller one) * a flag SMH - we will provide ship (your choice of size), stock, map (your choice of SMH type) and at least one OM to come along and puzzle for an hour or two, but you need to run the SMH! If you do well, and port the voyage safely, we may even throw some bonus PoE into the booty!

we chose to do a War Frigate- Atlantis Voyage with an OM on board. I heard through the branches that Aphrodite and/or Bia will be with us for the voyage. We will not come out to rejob, so the voyage itself might be about 1H30 min.

A Tournament for the Ocean will be made during the jobbing and another one will be made local on the vessel after the voyage. (prizes may include a Gingerbread Class sloop, Rogue Class sloop design)

On our way back to port, and before the divy is done we will be giving out 1 Xmas present to each jobber still on board the vessel.(presents are worth average of 2k..some a lot more..

Sunday December 18, 2011

Time: will start jobbing at 4 pm PST (game time)

Where: The OM will also do an Ocean Broadcast for the voyage, so to remind people that they can apply for it on the Notice Board

Hope to see you there!

Monarch A Plus Pirates

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