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Posted by lastfarewell at Dec 14, 2011 4:43:24 PM
[EVENT KADE] Cutter Fever! Bring out your cutters for a chance at 250k!

What: A fun event blockade full of crazy cutters! You and your flag enter in as many cutters as you want, contest points, and try to win the round for pride, honor, and 250k!.

When: (edit -my bad) Friday 12/16 at 4pm GT ( GAME TIME/PIRATE TIME) ALSO ITS AT ARAKOUA THANK YOU LJ .

Settings: dense, no alliances one round, you can shoot at things
Prizes: 250k for first, 100k to second, 50k to third paid to the monarch of the winning flags (second and third determined by points) *second and third prizes only awarded if 5 or more flags compete*

Pay must not exceed 1,500 a seg to be eligible for prizes
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