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Posted by Lylax at Dec 14, 2011 12:35:50 AM
Re: Give the (meta) game back to the players.
My view on the PvP front has always been simple - I hate it. I hate PvP because I hate unfair fights, especially when I'm forced into the side that can't win.

When I run a Pillage, I don't want to be attacked by ships so far out of my league I can't possibly win. That's the case with pretty much ALL PvP ships I might run into. Thus, I want to deny them the option of attacking me.

I want to take part in the Blockade game, but once again the same problem applies; the flag I was in that attempted to Blockade a small island with a dead crew owning it was skull-fucked by the uber-rich, ultra powerful allies of said dead crew who swooped in with overwhelming resources and whitewashed us.

That isn't fun. It will never BE fun, and even after the merger the odds of being able to rise up from nothing to a position where you can become an island threatener without A) getting pally with the very Flags you want to see kicked off their islands or B) Becoming a professional Poker player are so small they may as well be zero.

That's a big part of why I abandon this game for months at a time; there's no prospects for advancement anymore. Islands are full of dead shops, being commanded by 10% of the flags who have 90% of the ocean's wealth, and there's nothing in place to bring them back into line.
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