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Posted by Chiptharip at Dec 13, 2011 6:13:16 PM
Re: Give the (meta) game back to the players.
If it weren't poker, it'd be something else.

True and I'm not trying to be a revisionist and say that pre-poker didn't have wealth disparity. I'm simply saying that the gap and concentration wasn't as extreme. And really, I'd much rather have the game's superrich be pillagers or puzzlers (now that foraging is fixed) rather than poker players. I'd rather most politically active flags be involved in some form of sea activity rather than solely a handful of poker players.

and still allow the wealth to be used in a manner that contributes to the meta-game.

The difference is, I don't really see most superrich (50-100mil minimum plus 10-30mil per month earning power) doing things that contribute to the meta game in a positive manner. Simply blockading doesn't necessarily benefit the ocean; there is often a link between being poker-rich and having bad blockading practices (at least in my opinion, I may very well be in the minority). Sitting on the wealth doesn't contribute, nor does selling it illicitly to other blockaders, but that's a different story.

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