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Posted by scupperer at Dec 13, 2011 5:45:54 PM
Re: Give the (meta) game back to the players.
Does that mean that small and medium islands could only blockaded by people who dropped a warchest? (ie, no one would be able to take a ship in for fun/practice)

Also, how would you handle allies that came in to help one side by attacking or contesting another attacker disproportionately? The proposed jobber cap mechanic would be easy to evade.

Two-team only; observers can't enter. Wanna play? Pony up. Doesn't cost much, not anymore. Wanna move up to mediums? Prove you can win a couple of outpost blockades first. Look at your flag's blockade ranking (not "fame"); you don't qualify for larges yet.

Got no experience? Practice at the blockade simulator on the parlor table...

Or whatever they decide to do... the details don't matter as much as the premise.

I honestly don't think the typical online player today is going to put up with waiting more than 15 minutes for a reward.

They aren't! So why should the pillager/trader/smh'er be forced to be the masochist in order to play?

I've been crying for ... since at least 2005, if not 2004

repeats of what has been said for the better part of half a decade

Time to pipe up again, is all.

"We want more character of content, not more content for our characters!"

When things are in the control of the players, there will be a lot of social pressure to keep things from rocking the boat. Game mechanics are needed to keep things from going into steady state.

You state this like it's a given fact, but honestly - that's a profound, counter-intuitive observation about gaming that OOO would be wise to consider.

unmatched concentration of wealth

You know, having been one of the 1% in game, I don't necessarily have a problem with high concentrations of wealth in regards to game/team play, or even how that concentration comes about. If it weren't poker, it'd be something else. Wealth allowed me to do a great many meta-game things I would never have been able to do, and not just the never ending string of blockades. Maintaining such an income, though, is quite tiring, and led as much to my burn out as the broken blockades.

You are correct though, with the way blockades are now, that such a wealth concentration can be an obstacle to others entering the blockade game (power seeks to protect itself). Changing the mechanics of blockades so that they don't require a megawealth player to fund would solve the problem more certainly than attacking the wealth, and still allow the wealth to be used in a manner that contributes to the meta-game.
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