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Posted by PracticalM at Dec 13, 2011 3:57:11 PM
Re: Give the (meta) game back to the players.
I agree with the original thread post and probably for similar reasons.

Flags have nice expensive content activities such as blockading islands but there needs to be more entry level and mid level flag based activities.

Yes, traditionally players have set these up with events and such and event blockades have helped. But we have environments that can support multiple ships but no flag based content forcing that to happen except blockades.

IMO, a huge miss was made on flotillas for not showing which flag did the most to banish the flotilla in a more obvious way. Yes you could go the flotilla to see, but it should have been (could still be) a tab on the notice board showing the same data.

We should have more diplomatic states between flags. War turned into a state seldom used. Some flags created rules of war and it would have been nice if some of those social rules could have been adopted into the mechanics.

Pirate raids on islands bounced up in game design and it would make sense to have something about attacking islands but not trying to keep them.

When things are in the control of the players, there will be a lot of social pressure to keep things from rocking the boat. Game mechanics are needed to keep things from going into steady state.
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