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Posted by hirsty at Dec 13, 2011 3:45:24 PM
Re: Give the (meta) game back to the players.
My side of the pillaging stuff:

Ive been playing PP fer quite a while, 6 years, and my main focuse has been to pillage.....this is mainly my love to bnav, yes pillages can get boring, yes you do at times struggle tof ill, which i know first hand as ive waited 4 hours to load a sloop -_-, but the waiting to load and the inconvenience of people leaving could be caused by the introduction of the new booty split system? As in every battle they get a booty share, therefore in reality that creates very little risk. Whereas before when booty was only split at the end of a pillage, it was taking more of a risk which is i think more of a reason people have stayed on the pillage, so i think that if they introduced the old system back into pillaging it would help. Especially with the new players. because atm a typical greenie could jump on the game, find out there is poker, jump on a pillage, gain some PoE, jump off, dump it on poker. This wouldnt happen with the old system. Parlor games yes, have kinda swayed people away from pillaging but yes i do understand pillying can be stressful and these can be a release of that stress. OOO has tried to improve pillaging by introducing BK compasses, which is good to an extent as the challenge of finding BK's has been taken away, treasure lost at sea IO's and vikings. Usually as probably said, pillages get boring because it can be pretty much monotonous.....granted, then make the booty gained more random maybe chuck the odd cursed chest in there......Yes its alright saying chuck something new in and itll be alright, but no it wont. Focus from the players perspective maybe place questionnaires see what people want in pillaging. My ideal pillagin: Obviously maybe adding my suggestion i had a while ago, the ability to fire x pirates on a ship to lower numbers (possibly giving the opportunity to attack a wider range of ships as if the 1v1v was won they would be thrown overboard and the next 1v1 would take plac) the old booty a larger risk:reward ratio and more random booty be honest the more you win cant really mean the more poe you win in a real situation, make it random! and as for more swabbies, i would vote nay as it would just help in killing the Co-operative side of the game and give more of an advantage to traders and solo blockaders.

Time for bed >.>
Hirsty on Cobalt Ocean

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