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Posted by Pauling at Dec 13, 2011 1:18:25 PM
Re: Give the (meta) game back to the players.
I agree with the suggestion for more impermanence, in particular with shops/stalls. I don't think that this system was ever designed with the expectation that the oceans would last 7+ years.

Right now, there are only a few islands with any appreciable population, which makes the economy a much less exciting part of the game than it should be. And once an island is damaged by shoppe spam, it's very hard to recover- which discourages future players from building stalls in a competitive environment.

For that matter, once the shop owners go idle, you've got a fair number of shops that are dark, and taking up parcels of land so that nothing new can be built. New players should be able to pursue the same economic goals as whoever colonized the ocean first, and sometimes that means clearing parcels of land so that shops can be built without having to pave over all the island's commodity spawn points.

As the oceans merge, I think we'll see more people moving to one of the few popular islands, with the long tail of struggling shops/stalls elsewhere becoming increasingly irrelevant. There's a lot of unused capacity out there, and the picture doesn't look rosy as the oceans are set to combine.

Case in point: Caravanserai island on Sage has 23 shipyard shops, which is one per 40 residents, and every shop paying rent weekly. Several islands in that arch have 0 stalls in multiple categories, and the pelican arch is even worse. As Sage absorbs Hunter, why would anyone stay in an arch where you can't buy many basic items? The ocean should be more diverse, but, alas.
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