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Posted by giobb at Dec 13, 2011 8:44:09 AM
Re: Give the (meta) game back to the players.

YPP is a social game, sure; providing more solo mechanics and opportunities really isn't going to change that. Unless you just hate seeing people having fun on their own.

I never had much fun pillaging, not sure why but I think it's because:

- sitting there puzzling for an hour in order to beat a bot and receive only poe isn't rewarding or challenging enough
- I like to be in control of things (I could be the commander in a pillage, but then again I dont think beating bots is challenging enough to be fun and worth the stress of hiring and managing a crew)
- There is no bigger objective other than kill the bot

When atlantis came out I liked it cause i thought it had different objectives other than killing bots. I got bored quick, cause again, it became very similar to pillaging for me: sitting there waiting to fill then puzzling for an hour to get some chests and poe and useless items and no deeper objectives.

So all I did after that was playing parlor games which is the reason I have not quit yet. It was more rewarding in terms of poe but most importantly it was more challenging trying to beat real players on an even field.

If bnav pvp was more accessible I think I wouldn't mind putting the effort to learn it and I think it woul be great fun.

(probly rambling and being incoherent here but im in a hurry sorry)

If YPP was purely social it would be almost exclusively PVP imo. But its not, and thats not bad, but having options to be less social wouldn't hurt.
Plus, whenever I want to be social, I usually turn off the computer. I think ypp being a social game is great, but sometimes I just want to enjoy it on my own, without having to deal with people.
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