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Posted by bronzebeard at Dec 13, 2011 8:41:42 AM
Re: Give the game back to the players.
I know there are a couple skilled flags which won't blockade now because they lack resources but, if we change this to allow them to blockade, that means that lower cost + filling ships with swabbies, a random jacckkspearw is able to win a blockade and get an island, and I will seriously poke my eyes out with venom-infused needles if that ever happens.

It won't mean they'll win a blockade (because surely any caps wouldn't be set so low, or swabbie skill set so high that no one else could challenge a single person) but at least a small flag could have the chance to compete at, say, an outpost without having to suck up to all the big flags.

I never saw anyone complain about being ranked on the puzzle rankings - yet it is still a form of competition, even if not face to face.

That's slightly different, because you're not being forced into competition. You can just choose not care about your stats. It takes a lot more effort to convince some people to compete directly. Trust me, I've tried!
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