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Posted by scupperer at Dec 13, 2011 6:18:03 AM
Re: Give the (meta) game back to the players.
because we can realistically

It was a football analogy, not a design suggestion.

Added: But... the fact that your concerns are over feasibility entirely illustrates the basic premise that blockades are too big .

As for the ridiculousness of soloing grand frigates with a bunch of swabbies; why not let the payer players who buy them and deck them out enjoy their moment in the sun whenever they feel like shining in it? If the payout's no bigger than a sloop pillage with just bots on board, and if you're foolish enough to take it into an SMH without real players and risk getting sunk, and if moving bulky goods is already broken - what is the massive permanent game damaging harm?

I once had the pleasure of seeing Shur in a sloop attacking a GF loaded with real people. A green GF on the seas would be a prime target for anyone. It would balance out.

YPP is a social game, sure; providing more solo mechanics and opportunities really isn't going to change that. Unless you just hate seeing people having fun on their own.
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