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Posted by Alesanaftw at Dec 13, 2011 6:03:33 AM
Re: Give the (meta) game back to the players.
Another example, the popularity of the much-despised parlor games (which I happen to enjoy) is exactly people competing against each other within a specific set of limited rules. Make a blockade more like a NFL game, with 11 ships vs 11 ships, and suddenly you'll have 15 blockades every week with 32 flags participating, and full stadiums. Want certain islands to be more important and more difficult? Fine; code it - but you have to start smaller. The opportunity needs to be there, and the outcome needs to be more determined by talent than mass.

Yes, because we can realistically enter at least 22 ships per blockade (not to mention the other cades going on at the same time) assuming only 2 flags participate. What happens if a team enters 12? 13?
Many of the smaller flags cant afford to pay off 11 ships of jobbers which will make this unappealing to them leading to an ever larger division between large flags and smaller flags.
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