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Posted by Quitex at Dec 13, 2011 5:25:03 AM
Re: Give the game back to the players.
Meh. My blackberry ate the post I just wrote and I am seriously not in the mood to retype it all. But there, condensed:

If you let players, specially lower-end players who pokered their way to a ship, they will isolate themselves in their grandiose Merchant Galleon and fill the ship with swabbies because swabbies:

1. Don't laze
2. Don't leave in battle
3. Don't ask annoying questions (gun?, port?, bnav?, bacon?)
4. Give you a constant performance. Granted, not incredible, but not booched.

So you're pretty much making the game designed to be a group effort into a solo-everything.

About flags, blockading and me proving my point:
I know there are a couple skilled flags which won't blockade now because they lack resources but, if we change this to allow them to blockade, that means that lower cost + filling ships with swabbies, a random jacckkspearw is able to win a blockade and get an island, and I will seriously poke my eyes out with venom-infused needles if that ever happens.
Quitex, everywhere, mainly Ice.
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Joly wrote: 
Someone asked why Quitex would do this as a rogue. All I can say is, well, he's QUITEX! No one knows what he will do next, ESPECIALLY Quitex.

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