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Posted by riku743 at Dec 12, 2011 10:36:18 PM
Re: Give the game back to the players.
No. This is not meant to be a quest, this is a Multiplayer game, and by filling a GF with 150 bots = fail. Things are OK the way they are.
It's also not a game of sitting around on a ship for 2 hours waiting for people to job for you. If you enjoy sitting around on a ship for the social aspect, that's ok, but people should be able to access the game mechanics they want to access without having to depend on 70 other people to get them there. You'll still have the multiplayer aspect, since you can job people while in the SMH, it's just that you can set sail immediately. The pay would obviously be better with people on board, to encourage multiplayerness, but there's always the option for anyone to take a frig into atlantis without having to wait for it to load, and job however many people they want to while inside the SMH.

I think that the stuff described in the Pillage/SMH section is a great fix, and I've mentioned the exact same thing in previous threads. Other stuff should change, but this would be the simplest, and likely the least work for the devs so they can work on other pretty new things.

Limiting blockades will make them unappealing to most of the big flags, and not saying there is no talent out there, but the small flags capable of pulling off a half-decent blockade are scarce. Things are OK the way they are now.
Things are OK for the big flags the way they are.

You're kind of making his point that it needs to be fixed by saying that the smaller flags can't compete. Smaller flags are not capable because of how the blockades work right now. Limiting blockades won't make it unappealing to large flags. I don't know many, or any, large flags who don't at least pretend to care about getting small/new flags into the blockade scene.
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