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Posted by scupperer at Dec 12, 2011 8:24:47 PM
Re: Give the game back to the players.
They are there, but OOO is in no way forcing you go to those "dead end quests".


Please explain me, when players have not run the Y!PP economy?

Oh, they do - but the mentioned items are not part of the economy, when they could be, which would add another layer to the fun.

If you're left alone in a full-bilge sloop, then you shouldn't be driving one in the first place.

Since sloops do actually fill up with swabbies... I'll point out that it's not bots=fail in such situations, but a player's failure. However, I don't believe failure at the social game should be as limiting as it is. People don't like waiting in dock, and generally don't. I consider that partially a game mechanic failure, particularly when, as you mentioned, even a sloop can fill with bilge if you don't have the talent to move it.

Limiting blockades will make them unappealing to most of the big flags

You're wrong, of course. What it will do is allow big flags to attempt to expand their reach, without locking small flags out of the blockade game as it has... forever.

Things are OK the way they are now.

I've been gone three(?) years, so a couple of days back hasn't given me enough time to absorb all of the changes. Perhaps I'm just reading too much into the ocean merger as an attempt to retain a player base that's been bleeding.

I think you are trying too hard to find things that you consider should be different, not necessarily things that OOO needs to change

Not trying hard at all, really, and OOO doesn't need to do anything; these are just my recommendations to lift the game's permanent appeal. To me, anyway.
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