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Posted by ponytailguy at Dec 10, 2011 10:46:44 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
Changing labor to 48 hours per day per pirate on only one ocean is a decrease no matter how you look at it.

Currently if your pirate is at least 2 years old you can buy a 12 month subscription for $50 US and you get 36 hours of labor on Cobalt per day plus 36 hours of labor on Midnight per day = 72 hours per day. How and where (and whether) you use that labor is up to you, but you DO have it if you purchase a subscription.

[numbers go here]

So OOO is asking me to keep paying $50 per year to get 8,760 fewer hours of labor per year.
So here's your problem: why should you be entitled to thousands and thousands of hours of labour per year? Much of Midnight and Cobalt have enormous surpluses of labour as it is.

Okay, fine, the change puts you at a disadvantage. But it puts every other shoppekeeper at an equivalent disadvantage, and there's absolutely no lore or gameplay-driven reason why you ought to have any given specific number of labour hours. So long as the playing field's equal, you're no more entitled to have 5000 hours per account per year than you would be to have 50 than you would be to have 5 million. (50 and 5 million would break the economy, mind you--but that's a valid gameplay reason, which is a bit weightier than "because I'm used to having more hours".)
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