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Posted by zeinasway at Dec 10, 2011 9:12:51 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
Changing labor to 48 hours per day per pirate on only one ocean is a decrease no matter how you look at it.

Currently if your pirate is at least 2 years old you can buy a 12 month subscription for $50 US and you get 36 hours of labor on Cobalt per day plus 36 hours of labor on Midnight per day = 72 hours per day. How and where (and whether) you use that labor is up to you, but you DO have it if you purchase a subscription.

72 hours per day times 365 days per year = 26,280 hours per subscription.

48 hours per day times 365 days per year = 17,520 hours per subscription.

So OOO is asking me to keep paying $50 per year to get 8,760 fewer hours of labor per year.
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