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Posted by MSpartans at Dec 10, 2011 1:55:51 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
I didn't see anything about you guys agreeing to add a "where you came from" trophy. That should be easy enough. I want the "huntard" trophy pls kkthx.

Also I didn't see an answer to if the new ocean names we're suggesting now will be narrowed down later and then we'll have a vote on say, 5 different names for each new ocean? ie, how will the actual naming be decided?

Nothing else about your pirate will change: not your property, employment, hearties list, hairstyle, injuries, favorite color, not anything....

Lalala I'm tired of answering dumb customer questions, let's try to make this fun...

Q: What will happen to the ocean forums?
A: We will create forums for the new oceans as soon as we have official names for them. After the ocean merge, we will lock the existing forums so that you will still be able to read them, but no one will be allowed to add new posts.


i'm starting to think it's not all the fault of the readers. when you click the "last unread post" link, then have the absurd initiative of clicking "next page", the forum format treats it as your having been on the first page and therefore sends you to the 2nd. even simply going to the last unread could skip you a few pages. it's so easy to miss exactly the post relevant to your question.

I've always hated how it does that :/

I can see it now..
Reeves says, "...wait....Suzan is Melany right?"
Yersunshine says, "Yeah, she got tired of the name and wanted a change"
Reeves says, "Wait, so then who is bobbyloouis"
Yersunshine says, "Oh, that's Cremate"
Reeves says, "But wasnt he "shoelace" just last week"
Yersunshine says, "Yeah, he changes every couple days or so"

More like...

Melany says, "Hello loves!"
Yersunshine says, "Hi"
Reeves says, "Hi"
Bobbyloouis says, "Hi"
Yersunshine says," Wait, who's Bobbyloouis?"
Reeves says, " Bobbyloouis. Joy."
Suzan says, "Whee! Can't let him have all the fun!"
Bobbyloouis says, "ihu."

Where Melany=Suzan and Bobbyloouis=Cremate=Shoelace
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Aug 12, 2011
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