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Posted by Salttree at Dec 9, 2011 10:49:44 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
Theres no point in increasing Navy Pay outs. Pillages already pay great just people prefer to earn items from chests and want a chance at a pet or fam.

Skilled swabbies is the worst idea EVER conceived. Quite literally. So until someone actually comes up with a decent idea theres not much you can say about it being a temp fix. Honestly, i see the retention rate across the two new oceans going up by as much as 30% because new players will ALL experience an 800+ ocean player base and they wont have to just put up with Viridian players to have it. (No offense Viridian, Your my home ocean but a lot of you guys can be a pain.) For the record there are already several MMORPG websites writing articles about OOO big ocean merger for Puzzle Pirates. They're pretty well written so its worth considering that we will see a rather nice influx of players during the prep and after effects.

Skilled Swabbies tho ARE NOT HAPPENING. The End.

wronge wronge wronge ....... increasing the navy pay out would give the greenies , new players a chance to earn start up poe faster, which give them a chance to feel more happier in the game at the very begining. which would help increase the chances a new player to stay in the game once they first come to the game. .... if new players FEEL successful at the beginning , they are more likely stay ..

People play games to feel Happy , sucessful , and UNLIKE some of you who have HOURS and HOURS to sit around and play this game, some of us have real lifes.

There are VERY VERY few players that take the time to start out and spend any relative time with the navy anymore. Its not intended that a new player spends more than the first few puzzle learning sessions with the navy unless they want the Navy Ranks and free clothing. The navy is intended to be a quick way to learn a puzzle or two and then step off into jobbing for crews and joining one. If they just go increase navy pay out then even less players will be enticed to actually work for their poe, job on a pillage, or run their own ship.

As long as we're on the topic of making changes though. I'd like to see higher requirements to create a crew. Maybe Solid instead? Its still relatively easy and gives a player looking to create a crew more time to learn the game before trying to teach other players. (just an opinion though.)

i'm not the only one surporting the idea of increase navy pay, most of my heaties are also , and while i'm at it,,, i will get on my old soap box of putting in a way to BUY extra swabbies on ships for pillies .(also, an idea surported by some of my hearties)

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