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Posted by Reeves90 at Dec 9, 2011 8:48:00 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion

Q: How much will pirate renames normally cost from the Rogue Mark Shop?
A: 30 Rogue Marks.

Is it plausible to limit this re-name only for pirates wishing to remove the East/West suffix from their name?

Game/social dynamics being as they are, the ability for a pirate to change his/her name for 30 Rogue Marks whenever they please will lead to general confusion as to who is who.

I can see it now..
Reeves says, "...wait....Suzan is Melany right?"
Yersunshine says, "Yeah, she got tired of the name and wanted a change"
Reeves says, "Wait, so then who is bobbyloouis"
Yersunshine says, "Oh, that's Cremate"
Reeves says, "But wasnt he "shoelace" just last week"
Yersunshine says, "Yeah, he changes every couple days or so"

Possibly a 1 name change limit that never expires for pirates that have a suffix on the end (this solves the "Oh, they are retired and might miss the window" theory) and maybe a 48 hour window after the initial rename to allow for corrections to spelling or some other bug fix prior to the name locking in like the current system.
~ Reeves/Rreeves ~

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