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Posted by saintdiana at Dec 9, 2011 6:36:55 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
What about stall labor on midnight and cobalt ?? now i get labor on both,, after the mergeing, will the anmount of labor be cut in half ??? I cannt find an answer to my question on here ?? does anyone know ??

Hermes literally /just/ answered that. Read his post just a bit before yours.

i'm starting to think it's not all the fault of the readers. when you click the "last unread post" link, then have the absurd initiative of clicking "next page", the forum format treats it as your having been on the first page and therefore sends you to the 2nd. even simply going to the last unread could skip you a few pages. it's so easy to miss exactly the post relevant to your question.
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