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Posted by SirCarl67 at Dec 9, 2011 4:16:15 PM
Re: Now On: Do your Christmas Shopping at Bowditch this year and have is all paid for
Have you considered Bowditch for your Christmas shopping needs. Bowditch is a large enough to provide just about anything at competitive prices without the crowds of Admiral.

To encourage you to visit Bowditch, if you look around the shoppes and Bazaars over the next week you can enter a competition with a chance to get your shopping paid for you.

This event was planned while I was Governor after Black Flag lost the Island last weekend Hardcore Explorers agreed to allow the event to continue and provide the prizes.


1st Prize up to 100k of goods from your shopping list
2 2nd Prizes each of up to 50k of goods from your shopping list
All items will be purchased at best available prices from Bowditch Traders.

Be aware that prices of items and doubs can move before the event closes so having a single item with a current price of 98k and 4 items for 500 poe may result in you just getting the 500 poe items if the 98k item has gone up to over 100k.

All You have to do

There are 10 parcels in various shoppes and Bazaars each of them have a message of "Clue" followed by a number between one and 10. All you need to do is find them all and tell me where they are.

To enter send me a pm (To SirCarl67 or click the PM on this post) with the following information.
1. Your Pirate Name
2. The location of each numbered parcel
3. Your Shopping List if you win 100k. This can contain no more than 5 items. Remember to include all details such as colour options.
4. Your shopping list if you win 50k. This can contain no more than 5 items (Optional, if excluded the single list will be used for both prizes.

If you want to be certain I have got your PM post here just saying that you have PMed me an answer then I can chase up if I haven't received anything.

Note that your list can include commodities and / or booty items, however if you select commodities you must have a ship, shoppe or stall at the island with the space to receive the items or it will be forfeit. Commodity items can be ordered in bulk (500 medium Cannon Balls is a single item) but booty items can not (eg if you want 2 small gilded cannons they would need be entered as 2 separate items.

If your items require a doubloon cost they will be purchase from the exchange at the going rate out of the prize fund. For example if a sloop is on the list, and doubs are 1800 and the best price I can get a sloop for is 7000 (+20 doubs) then the cost of this would be 43000.

All entries must be received by 06:00 on Sun 18-Dec-11

One entry per person please and use your main, I will investigate suspected alts and reserve the right to disallow entries that I believe are alts and therefore possible multiple entries.

After determining the winners I will buy the prizes, post there names here and be around at the following times to hand them out. I will also PM the winners it will make it easier for me if they can reply saying when they will be able to collect their prize.

10:00 Sun 18-Dec-11
15:00 Sun 18-Dec-11
23:30 Sun 18-Dec-11 (I will only be logging on for a couple of min at this time)
15:00 Mon 19-Dec-11

If the is a Blockade at Kent during either of the top two times I will change or remove that window. If a winner can not make any of the below times please let me know when you will be around and I will try arrange giving the prize away then.


I will get a random sequence of numbers using of the number of correct entries received. The first number will be the first prize and the next 2 numbers the runners up. For example if the first number is 3 the third correct entry I receive will get the main prize.

I will go through your shopping list in the order given. If there is not enough poe left to buy a item I will skip it and see if the next item can be afforded,

I will buy the cheapest available for immediate delivery if nowhere on the island is selling an item I will either getting it for quick delivery or try to get it at another island on Stork, if nowhere on stork has the item I will skip it.

All items will be ordered I will not buy goods from the commodities market.


Added details of the parcels and example of costing prizes to show how doubs work.
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