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Posted by Hellboygeod at Dec 9, 2011 3:08:08 PM
Tan/Peach Unnamed Parrot + Persimmon/Tan Parrot Auction
Tan/Peach unnamed Parrot

Starting Bid: 1.25m

Increments: 50k

BIN: 1.5m

Persimmon/Tan named Parrot

Starting Bid: 1.1m

Increments: 50k

BIN: 1.3m

BIN for both parrots: 2.5m

Offer must stand 24hrs and I hold all rights not to sell to players or sell in game before a bid stands

*I reserve the right not to sell to any one person for any reason at all

Send tell to Hellboyman on Viridian Ocean :D
Captain of The Booch Mate's
King of Ocean's Wrath

Pokersprozz of Meridian

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