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Posted by skiffygrrl at Dec 9, 2011 12:39:39 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
Somewhere upstream someone asked about what the resulting reboot time would be for the new Sage/Hunter combo.

I would like to know what it would be for all oceans. Here's the current schedule from YPPedia:

* Jade, Viridian and Midnight, 4 AM PT
* Hunter and Cobalt, 5 AM PT
* Sage and Malachite, 6 AM PT
* Opal, 10 PM PT

I stopped foraging on Viridian a while back simply because I regularly moved MBs of fruit during the 30 minute reboot window, and it wasn't worth my time to make sure I was awake, online, voyage configured, bots hired and on station, before 3 fleeping 30 in the morning. (Yes, I live in the game time zone.) The existing schedule also forced me to choose between Sage and Malachite for foraged items I wanted to move; I couldn't do both.

So, if OOO wants to keep Jade/Virid/Midnight reboots at the same time, we'll end up with only 3 reboot times (Opal remaining unchanged).

* Jade, Viridichite/Midian and Midblat/Conight: 6 AM PT
* Huge/Saunter: 5 AM PT
* Opal, 10 PM PT

Otoh, if OOO chooses to give Midblat/Conight a separate reboot time, it's their call, but please don't go earlier than 5 AM.

Regarding the name changes, I went with colors, raiding my art supplies and fabric stash:

Midblat/Conight: Ultramarine
(a pigment that is made from the gemstone lapis lazuli)

Huge/Saunter: Seafoam:
(a pale, warm, somewhat effervescent green)

Viridichite/Midian: Verdigris
(a pigment/color that is the result of using acetic acid on the mineral copper. Think of the Statue of Liberty as she is now, or the stains in your bathtub from a leaky copper pipe).
Adrianalidah and variants everywhere
Gwynhwyfahr in a few places

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