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Posted by Bugface4 at Dec 9, 2011 10:09:03 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion

No. You do not make a game more interesting by making it easier. You add challenges. The main point of the merger should be more jobbing opportunities, a fuller Voyages board. Shorter load times for larger boats. Things of that nature. It is to give you things to do, places to see, people to meet. Not to keep you in the same old rut.

Your stated goals are all accomplished without making traveling between what had been separate oceans an hourlong (or more) time investment.

I think following the advice of massively long "inter-ocean" routes would just ensure that everyone forever views the new ocean(s) as two separate servers that were plopped together. That's the wrong message to send. The goal is to contract the game into something that has one, larger population (or 3 larger populations as the case may be). Not two smaller oceans playing on the same server with the same jobber pool.

The goal is to promote activity. I don't think making things easier does that.

I also don't think long interarchs have a huge impact on any social cohesion. Do any of the Cobalt players in Jade shun Onyx? Have flags based in one arch never blockaded an island in another? I think there will be plenty of interaction with a long interocean passage without making it a short hop. I think the potential for increased commerce as people buy more ships to fill out their fleet rather than shuttle their stuff wherever they need with no opportunity cost is good for the game. At least for the short term.

However, you are right. There would be no major impact on the main things I think this merge will accomplish. And so I really don't have large reservations on shorter interocean routes. Although I would still prefer them to be no shorter than the longest interarch, I won't tart about it here. (for what that is worth)

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