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Posted by sanderonline at Dec 9, 2011 10:07:35 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
My thoughts and questions about the merge: (Please bare with me, I have NOT read all the 20 pages, I read about 5 or so...)

Also I mostly play on SUB oceans, so some of my points may not be an issue to the DUB oceans

First of all: Money and currency
I know for a fact that about 2k a segment in a blockade on Cobalt is normal while on Midnight it's 500 at max. This makes it easy to see that there are people on Cobalt who have a lot of money compared to Midnight.

For my 2nd point: Blockades
After the month of no blockading. Is there gonna be anything done against one flag with a lot of money suddenly attacking half the islands on the other oceans?

3rd point: Pirate Names
About the names, what if there are two people on, for example, Sage and Hunter who both thought about the same name without ever meeting each other. Having one of them having to rename his or her pirate is kinda mean. Plus that person might have to make a whole new reputation for him-/herself.

4th point: Ocean names
I vote to have the oldest ocean have the official name (that is also on the log in screen) and have the other ocean be an area within that ocean.
What I definitively do NOT want is every ocean names after some gem. Please remember people EVERY archipelago on Midnight is right now called after a gem. And while not all gems are used right now, it would be a ripoff for the names in my eyes.
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