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Posted by moonmaiden79 at Dec 9, 2011 9:18:36 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
I really wish the devs would find a way to merge pirates of the same name on the same account, instead of leaving two pirates, one with an east or west on the end of it.

You have the option to transfer all of your goods from one to the other and delete the one you use less, (eliminating the need for the East-West thing,) but you also have the option to keep them both if you want to. It's a mild chore to transfer goods, but in the larger scheme of things I think it would have caused more upset to have to choose one or the other indefinitely.

On a separate note: I also think that there could be some legitimate reasons to re-name a non East-West pirate but I think it should cost more than 30 rogue marks. Maybe 75-100? But, I'm not too worried about the potential exploit; having seen many notorious pirates come back under many names, their patterns of behavior out them eventually.
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