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Posted by Funnytuq at Dec 9, 2011 8:32:46 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
Secondly, I completely agree that pirate renames should not be allowed (for non-west/east pirates that is) as it would make things a lot more confusing.

(In)famous pirates are unlikely to change their names - at least in game - but spare a thought for a hypothetical 21-year-old who is still living with a poorly speelt name way back when.

I get your point, and it is useful in such situations, but its not like those situations are all that common and will happen all that often, becase the pirates who do create those "Captnjaqspero" (Or whatever) tend to not be wealthy pirates that afford such 30 RMs. This last thought is obviously very generalised, but I do believe it supports my point.

Also, I don't agree that famous/infamous pirates will not change they're names, as they're the ones that can afford it easily, but I hope you are correct in this matter, as it is really my main concern.
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