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Posted by marie61 at Dec 8, 2011 6:12:05 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
is this correct?: I have 3 pirates in what I consider my "main" account on both Midnight and Cobalt. After the merger I will have 6 pirates, namely Armillaria, Moosetears, and Disarrm on Midnight and Armillaria, Moosetears and Whiterotroot on Cobalt. Armillaria & Moosetears on Cobalt will be given a suffix but the Midnight pirates, having priority, will not.

I also have 5 other accounts, some of which I have subscribed in the past or am subscribing now. One of the pirates in an account previously subscribed was transferred from my daughter's account. (This caused some of the pirates to lose the use of the backsword - will this give me a chance to fix that?)

Will I be able to transfer Armillaria-suffix (or any other pirate, for that matter, to a different account that I own if it contains less than 3 pirates (since pirates on the same account cannot be roommates without a 3rd pirate in a different account acting as host to both)?

Will new accounts being created after the merger contain only 3 pirates? If so, how will the labor hours be addressed?(a similar question was asked in a previous post)
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