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Posted by marundel at Dec 8, 2011 5:48:27 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
Absolutely awesome OOO. Thank you for working this out. The only thing that could have been done better is for you to have shared the concept during development... it would have saved a lot of sore fingertips from all the ranting in Parley. :)

That being said, I have a couple questions I didn't see in FAQ - I've seen a couple of them asked here, but not answered yet; so...

I currently have 36 labor hours among my 3 pirates-per-account on Cobalt, with another 36 labor hours among my 3 pirates-per-account on Midnight. When they merge, since I can keep all 6 pirates on the merged account, do I get 72 labor hours, or am I losing 50% of my labor capability?

Since the markets will be reset to a default value, will exisitng bid tickets at the time of the merge (a) be cancelled with a full refund to the bidders; (2) be auto-filled; (iii) be unaffected, and we just have to take out chances?

Since the markets will be reset to a default value, will the values set in the market interface in shops/stalls and palaces/forts be reset as well, or will they retain the values currently progammed by the managers? If they are reset, will the Buy/Sell be turned off so that the manager/owner doesn't get screwed by not logging in for a day or two?

If buildings are under constuction at the time of the merger, will they be affected?

Will the merger affect war declarations?

What happens if after the merged adjustment to fame levels, an island holding flag no longer has the necessary fame for the island they hold?

I'm certain I am forgetting something that I wanted to ask, but I appreciate your taking the time to address player concerns. Thanks again.

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Pizzahutpete everywhere, thanks to the merge

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