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Posted by saintdiana at Dec 8, 2011 4:59:05 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
re name length: would "east" and "west" be short-lived tags, or would they be forced into pirate names? i made quite a point of creating an owlwhisperer on each ocean, would i get an owlwhispeast on the viridian, sage and cobalt "halves", and owlwhispwest on the others, having 2- # months to petition which to keep? would length be increased to 16 (i hope not)?

re #1 trophies: i also made a point of getting #1 carpentry just about everywhere, and when lacking other activity, i'm working on the same for rigging. i would most certainly object to having them removed, as they tell a story. what i'd suggest instead is modifying the graphics with rust, dust, ice or any other add-on that might suggest the passage of time over the trophy, and leave it to each pirate to create a box title saying where and when they got it. when the new oceans are up and the ranks updated, the current graphics could be used again.

re pre-merge transfers: that sounds like a lot of OM work...
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